Miliard / Billion

“Moldavian old man travels in a spectacular way all around the globe with his wooden toilet. This happens until his desire to have more and more interrupts his journeys.” We are opened to international sales agents and distributors.

Also, ”MILIARD” short was Mihai Curagau’s last film… Please donate for the creation of a bronze stattue of the famous actor Mihai Curagau, in Chisinau.
Any amount is appreciated… Thank you!

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Ce Lume Minunată

“A Moldavian young 22 years old who lived in Boston for 2 years, returns back to Moldova for a short holiday. It is April 2009. He is mistaken for a demonstrator, taken to the police station and then killed without being guilty.”

“Ce Lume Minunată / What a Wonderful World” is an independent low-budget fiction movie, made in Moldova by YouBeSC film. It was awarded at International Film Festivals in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Linz and Boston.

We are opened to international sales agents and distributors.

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My name is Intiqam 2 – Moldova

“My name is Intiqam 2 – Moldova” is an explosive comedy made by Cinema Company, Azerbaijan in co-production with YouBeSC film, Moldova.

It’s a continuation of first part of movie which was highly successful in Azerbaijan. And now “Intiqam, a shepherd, wants to become mayor of Chisinau”. It’s very funny!

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Jurnal Trust Media presents a production by Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr., an awarded  documentary by Valeriu Shova and Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr.: “Bee Moldovan”.

The film tells the story of five Moldovans in Paris, and a moldovan beekeeper, who make a metaphorical parallel between its Bees and those who left the country. It’s a movie about migration, about the situation in Moldova in 2010 and about moldavian people who live abroad.

“A hive of bees from Moldova crosses the border each day, like the characters of this movie, who have gone to Paris to find another sort of nectar.”

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Caravana Auto Pentru Viață

“Caravana Auto Pentru Viata / Ride for Life”  is a “road – documentary” made in 2013.

We will see a team of 20 people who scour the seven most important cities in Moldova. Their primary goal is to reduce HIV infection in the country.

We are open to produce high quality documentation for various topics.


Intre Edison și Tesla

“Intre Edison si Tesla / Between Edison and Tesla” is a student short movie by Mircea Bobina, made with support of YouBeSC film.

The film shows a typical young family, but also unusual….

“Technological progress has gives us comfort, while the divergences between people remains the same.”

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Ceai în doi

“Ceai in doi / Tea for two” is student short movie by Nicu Negara, made with support of YouBeSC film.

“A young man has a meeting in the cafe. And … he doesn’t lose his time”


Valea Prutului de Mijloc

“Valea Prutului de Mijloc / Valley of Middle Prut” is a documentary by Mircea Bobina, produced inside the project “To take care of the small rivers together with their beneficiaries” and it was made in co-production with YouBeSC film.

“The link between man and nature is similar to the link between freedom and law. They reign and fade away together”.


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